Update: This map is out of date due to the recent the sale of parts of Verizon’s network to Frontier. For the most up-to-date coverage map, check out BroadbandNow’s Verizon Fios availability map.

Despite being the largest fiber-to-the-home provider in the North America, Verizon doesn’t provide a map that shows where Fios is available.  As demand for faster broadband grows, many of us want to know if were even close to a Fios area. That’s why we created this map with a little data help from broadbandnow.com.

Turns out, Verizon Fios is available to about 39 million people in the U.S. based on coverage estimates. This makes it the largest residential fiber provider by far, but it also means that most of us can’t get it. Who can get it? Well, for the most part, Verizon has concentrated it’s Fios deployment to larger metro areas like New York City, Washington D.C. and Tampa, Florida. It makes economic sense to deploy new infrastructure to population-dense areas, but it doesn’t make a very impressive map like the wireless coverage maps we’re used to seeing.

It doesn’t look like much, but the coverage equates to about 12% of the U.S. population. It is broken down by county for a complete visual representation. If you don’t live near a Fios area, it’s not likely you’ll see it anytime soon.

Just because Fios is available in a county, doesn’t mean it’s available everywhere in that county. You’ll still have to use Verizon’s address check to know availability at a specific address.

Loading Fios Map…
Verizon Fios
>75% coverage
50-75% coverage
25-50% coverage
<25% coverage
Frontier Fios
>75% coverage
50-75% coverage
25-50% coverage
<25% coverage

As you can see on the map, we also included the areas that have access to Fios from Frontier Communications. When Verizon sold a large portion of its wireline networks to Frontier in 2009, a few of those areas included Fios installations. Primarily those areas are in Portland, Oregon, Fort Wayne, Indiana and suburbs of Seattle, Washington. Frontier kept the name Fios for it’s fiber-to-the-home service under a license agreement with Verizon.

Some of the largest cities where Verizon Fios is available are:

  • Anaheim, CA
  • Long Beach, CA
  • Los Angeles, CA
  • Riverside, CA
  • Washington, DC
  • St. Petersburg, FL
  • Tampa, FL

  • Fort Wayne, IN
  • Baltimore, MD

  • Silver Spring, MD
  • Newark, NJ
  • Bronx, NY
  • Brooklyn, NY
  • Buffalo, NY
  • New York, NY
  • Staten Island, NY
  • Philadelphia, PA
  • Pittsburgh, PA
  • Dallas, TX
  • Fort Worth, TX
  • Houston, TX
  • Plano, TX
  • Alexandria, VA
  • Richmond, VA
  • Virginia Beach, VA

At the end of 2013, Verizon had 6.1 million Fios Internet subscribers and 5.3 million Fios TV customers (VZ Newscenter).

UDPATE: We’ve had some feedback regarding the coverage map and have a few clarifications to add:

  • Fios is available in parts of New Hampshire, but for some reason it’s not showing on this map.
  • Fios is available around Baltimore, MD, but it’s not available within the city limits.
  • Fios is available in Erie County, NY, but may not be available within the city of Buffalo.

BroadbandNow is hosting a slightly different version of this map based on the same data: http://broadbandnow.com/Verizon-Fios


  1. laura

    please add fios tv and internet to manalapan nj 07726. i won’t be moving till december but would like to stay with verizon!

  2. Devin

    Please bring FioS to the Twin Cities (St. Paul/Minneapolis, MN). I can almost guarantee that you’d have subscribers signing up quicker than a wild fire spreads. I look forward to becoming a new customer! Thanks!

  3. Dean Bradley

    Will Verizon Fios be available in White Sulphur Springs, NY 12787 there is a Verizon fiber cable running past my house is there any plans to bring Fios service to this area?

  4. Adie


  5. matt Sullivan

    Please add verizon to to south east Georgia I ve been waiting way to long.

  6. Jason

    Please add Verizon Fios triple play for 79.99 in New Hampshire –along with many other parts of the country to give comcast a run for their money.

  7. Jason

    Like really south carolina needs Verizon fios. Screw fronteir fios that sucks compared to verizon. Please stop making servers up north we need some in the south and more around the area.

  8. Gerard Aviles

    why can’t Fios go north 1 county, into hernando county, from the pasco county area. :C if Tampa, FL can have Fios, why not spring hill, FL :C

  9. Chris

    Not a comment on the map, but I love how at least 7 people think this map is somehow affiliated with Verizon and that someone will listen to their requests to bring FIOS to their home. FIOS is done building, Verizon doesn’t want to spend any more money on physical plant than they have to at this point. They’re done. They wanted to claim billions in subsidies and tax breaks to build it where they did by promising to build much more and then once the money was in their pockets they called it quits. You won’t see FIOS anywhere new for a very long time, I guarantee it.

  10. Merma

    First of all, this is not a Verizon Created Map, or affiliated with the Verizon company at all. You pleading and begging for Fios service here is not even falling on deaf ears, its not being directed at anyone that has anything to do with the company. Your at the FiberForAll.org Website. If a Verizon rep happens to drop in the result would more likely be to try and instigate a take down order of some sort so they can keep this less public. Do yourself a favor and contact Verizon directly should you be interested in their services. Which if history serves as a teacher, will end up unsupported in the future as they already said they will no longer expand this service. Boy some people see a coverage map and think ” Ohh… I’ll just tell them to do what they just said they are not going to do just for me, cause…reasons! lol

  11. Matt

    Why hasn’t anyone compared coverage maps with politician locations/areas where people complained vocally?

    I’d be willing to bet those that exist are only because of the above.

  12. PRG

    While you’re technically correct about Fios being available in Baltimore, MD, it’s very misleading to actually include Baltimore. It’s only available in a single digit number of large newer apartment buildings. It’s available to much less than 1% of the population and addresses in Baltimore and Verizon has no plans to roll out Fios to all of Baltimore.

  13. Texas Cable Guy

    “Just because Fios is available in a county, doesn’t mean it’s available everywhere in that county. You’ll still have to use Verizon’s address check to know availability at a specific address.” Like, for example. San Bernardino County, California? The Inland Empire area has good coverage but most of the county is desert with no electricity, no landline telephone, cell coverage restricted to the I15 and I45 corridors.

  14. Henry

    Please put a big asterisk next to “Baltimore, MD”. Verizon basically only built out the suburbs and completely avoided Baltimore City itself. I’ve lived in 7 neighborhoods of Baltimore over the last 10+ years and Fios was not available in any other them. Despite requests and higher density population Verizon doesn’t build into the city.

  15. jeff in Nor Cal

    I used to have VZ fios in southern Calif. I recall the big fuss when they were ripping up the sidewalk and running fiber.
    but.. the speed was amazing.
    so…the million dollar question: what prevents Verizon from continuing to expand? At this rate, it looks like Google just might beat them to the punch by 2020.
    Any comments?
    Jeff in Not Cal

  16. karen

    NOT available in 99% of Los Angeles and they are not doing any more.

  17. Coderjoe

    How about including information on what areas actually have Verizon as their ILEC? Then we can see how much of Verizon’s territory has FIOS service, as they are almost certainly not going to be deploying in areas where they aren’t the ILEC.

  18. D. Sutherland

    There was a time when Verizon and other telcos had to provide universal service and there was a Public Service Commission to enforce those rules. In exchange for their commitment they received easements, right of ways and other concessions to make it easier to provide that service. It’s debatable as to whether or not they are doing that today to any appreciable extent or just cherry-picking plum areas while taking full advantage of concessions granted under a substantially different business model? I believe they should be compelled to pay for providing service at will and the best way to do that would be to begin on the local government level. Re-energize the PSC and give them some power again, make the telcos and cable companies bid for the privilege of providing service. These bids could take the form of service commitments and pricing, in order to do this you must do that.

  19. Sean

    There is no Fios in the City of Buffalo.

  20. T Holland

    I live in Providence and can tell you that Verizon rolled out Fios in areas of the city that are “upscale.” A very los percentage of households can actually get Fios and Verizon has announced that there will be no further build out.

  21. Ron Rose

    Fifteen or more years ago the big providers promised the Government they would provide Hi Speed Internet to the Nation. From this article I see they were ‘paid’ to do so. They took the money then forgot the agreement. I am sure money changed hands as it is impossible that Congress is not aware of this. Europe has true high speed internet (25 MHz) and a recent documentary shows their TV cable service provides two or three hundred channels including many thousands at a cost of 7 dollars American. I firmly believe that the providers saw the value of high speed internet as something to be sold at a premium price long ago and now they are trying to capitalize on it in working with Congress to eliminate the free internet. It’s all a sick greedy mess all the way to being criminal on their part – As well as our favorite thieves in Washington.

  22. Stewart Berman

    Just because Verizon pulled cable into an area doesn’t mean it actually offers services there. The aggreement between the City of New York and Verizon specifies that Verizon has to pull cable passing a certain number of addresses over a specified time period. What it doesn’t require is that Verizon actually offer services to the addresses it passes. For example, Verizon pulled cable under the streets in the Northeast Bronx in an area known as Co-op City. The cable under the streets passes buildings housing a total of 15,000 apartments. Verizon got credit for pulling the cable under the streets to meet its timetable but it has yet to offer services to any of the 15,000 apartments and has no intention of doing so for at least ten years.

  23. David

    Why am I not surprised. I lived in Arlington, VA where Fios is offered, at least where I lived in the county. I didn’t subscribe though. To clarify; I did subscribe and was given a phone number to call if I had any further questions. Not five minutes after I hung up I had a question. A very simple question. I called the number. Nope, not that one! I was given another number. Nope again. A third number. You guessed it. Finally I was given a fourth number and got through. But each of those numbers that I called I had to wait and wait and wait. I timed it. I was on the phone for 3.5 HOURS. Then I had a phone billing issue. That literally took three MONTHS to get to a resolution. Unbelievably at one point I was told that I didn’t have a Verizon account! If you should EVER need Verizon customer service God help you! Good product but deceptive, unhelpful customer service. But it’s part of the Verizon game plan. They figure that if they frustrate you enough you won’t bother them and they keep you as a customer service albeit with an attitude.

  24. eileen miller

    I am in a major area of Manhattan, NY and we don’t have FIOS. The best high speed we can get is 100 mb

  25. Doug

    Can’t even get Verizon to give a date when broadband will be offered in my neighborhood in the middle of New Jersey. A year ago they told me it would be here in one year. Now they don’t even give you a answer. Comcast has a HUGE monopoly going here, and they are price gouging at full speed, with NO competition.

  26. William D Larson

    Can you hear me now?


    Come to the Google fiberhood!

  28. Pete Sikora

    The Fios double play is available in at most 15% of Buffalo. Baltimore similarly does not have Fios.

  29. Cory

    Verizon, please save us from the evil overlords in the Comcast Empire! Harris County (Humble, Texas) is standing by with our wallets to grace your corporate coffers. For the love of the internet! Save us before it’s too late!

  30. Jihad

    My wife sister live 3 blocks up the street from us on the same block, and they have Fios. We do not have FIOS! Why? I am so upset at Verizon, because I use to have FIOS before we moved, and now we are stuck with Direct and Verizon internet, and it sucks!!!! When will the rest of my block get FIOS???

  31. willie

    wow! I live in one of the most popular city in the world, and I can’t even get Fios in my area of Brooklyn, New York. Sucks that they only did areas with homes and not big tall apartments buildings. Now I’m looking into Wi-Fi internet service.

  32. TC

    Why they spend so much advertising this practically non-existant BS service?? I live in an area that is supposedly covered and I still cant get it.

  33. LouAnn

    In 2009 I was told that by the end of 2013 all areas of my neighborhood would have Fios available due to a contract deal made with the borough. Its now April 2015 and only 1 street has Fios I was told. Yet look at the Allegheny County map and it says that 75% of the county has Fios. I would love more options then comcast since I am paying out the you know what for lousy service!

  34. Jackie Vinyard

    Been waiting 3 years. Line is on the pole in the front yard. When can I get service? 21912

  35. David

    Despite Virginia Beach being listed as having FIOS, trust me, it isn’t available everywhere within the city. I’ve been begging for it; so ready to leave our current cable/Internet provider.

  36. Bob

    What bothers me about VZ ~ FIOS® [aside that there is only ☝1 “one” ISP is available] is the 2 foot FIOS® posters I continue to get from VZ (marketing) in my mail every month, sadistically taunting, tormenting & reminding me “I can’t get it” & I have no O T H E R choice Ω…..ツ

  37. Chris

    I think there should be a clarification on the claim that Alexandria, VA has FIOS. I live in the City of Alexandria and we do NOT have it and we may not get it for a very long time. Verizon has said that despite the fact they laid lines in Arlington, VA and DC, the City of Alexandria is not “part of their business plan”.

    A section of Alexandria is inside Fairfax County, VA. It is not part of the city. That section may have Fios (I know they have TWC but not sure about Fios.)

  38. George Galicia

    It says right here that they provide service in Los Angeles but where exactly ? because Fios is not available for Torrance, Carson, Downey, Gardena, San Pedro, Etc etc…

  39. Leon

    Live in Philadelphia and was told two years ago that fios would be available in my area in approximately one year. Apparently not.

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