Big Metal Fighting Progress in Louisiana

It is no secret that broadband service providers have traditionally talked out of both sides of their mouths, using terms like blazing fast or ultra-quick while selling services that delivered data via copper wires.  The future is fiber, and fiber is already being piped to residences and businesses all over the country.  So, why is it then that LUSFIBER is beset on all sides by what appears to be political shenanigans that one could only assume are being perpetrated by big metal.  Before covering those problems, it is worth taking a look at LUSFIBER and what they have to offer.

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Who is Winning the Google Fiber Race?
[Updated Daily]

Update Nov 2015: In the years since tracking the deployment of Google Fiber, Google has decided to continue to expand to more and more new cities. You can see their expansion plans on this page: Additionally, there may be a chance that Municipal fiber may be on it’s way to your city.

Update Aug 2011: So as you may have heard Google selected Kansas City, Kansas for the initial deployment of its fiber gigabit service. For all the other towns vying for fiber, don’t give up, they may expand to more cities in the future depending on how the first deployment goes. In the meantime, if you’re lucky enough to be in area where Fios (from Verizon) is available, shows how you can save the most on Verizon’s fiber service.

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