AT&T Uverse is a new bundled service that provides high-speed internet, advanced TV service, and phone service over a single broadband connection. Uverse is in direct competition with Verizon Fios though their offerings differ on the technological front. One major perk of Uverse is most of their plans require no contract term.


Uverse relies on IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) which is an Internet Protocol (IP) based communication and entrainment platform, that supports data transfer speeds of 32Mbps down and 3Mbps up. Uverse delivers its services via a combination of fiber-to-the-node (FTTN) and fiber-to-the-premises (FTTP). From the fiber connection the consumers existing cable wiring is used to deliver the service inside the home. This small difference in infrastructure compared to Verizon Fios should allow AT&T Uverse to spread their services quickly by taking advantage of existing wiring. However this advantage comes at a cost in speed. Currently, Uverse has reserved 7 of the 32 available Mbps for use with cable television, the remaining 18Mbps is available for internet service and Voice Over IP (VoIP).

Though these speeds are lower than what is offered via Fios they are still a major upgrade when compared to standard DSL.

AT&T U-Verse Internet

AT&T Uverse offers high speed internet connections with speeds up to 18Mbps downstream and 1.5Mbps upstream. These speeds are traditionally faster than standard cable or DSL. While These numbers quoted are part of Uverse’s top notch plan they do offer slower plans which when bundled with other services may be a good choice for most users.

AT&T U-Verse Voice (VoIP)

The phone service offered by Uverse is not much different than that which you would expect from a standard VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) provider. It offers number portability along with the standard features such as Call Waiting, 3 Way Calling, Caller ID, and much more. Uverse also offers more advanced features such as “Locate Me” which rings all of the phones assigned to that number, such as cell phones or office phones. This resource has a full list of Uverse’s phone features. Pricing starts at $25 a month and it is just $15 extra per month for an additional phone line.

AT&T U-Verse TV

Uverse TV delivers high quality digital video and sound offering both standard and high definition channels. AT&T’s TV packages are highly customizable with prices starting at $49.00 per month. Uverse also has packages with up to 390 channels, including local programming. Each monthly package includes 1 high definition receiver and professional installation, though some packages include a Digital Video Recorder (DVR) with Total Home DVR Service. Currently Uverse TV offers 110 HD programming channels which is growing. Find out what UVerse channels are in your area.

Although AT&T’s Uverse is not as fast as other Fiber to the Home (FTTH) offerings such as Fios it does pose a major threat to other cable companies. Uverse offers a superior service compared to that of most traditional cable providers however it is a bit more expensive. AT&T’s move to use existing infrastructure partnered with fiber optics will allow it to expand more rapidly than its FTTH counterparts (Fios). This move for more rapid expansion poses a major threat to traditional cable providers.

AT&T U-verse Pricing

There are a number of TV, internet, and phone packages and pricing may vary. AT&T usually runs multiple promotions at any given time. These Uverse Deals typically provide hundreds of dollars savings to entice new customers to switch from cable or upgrade from slower DSL service.