If cable just isn’t doing it for you any more and satellite is out of the question, you may be interested in checking out what AT&T has to offer with its U-verse service. U-verse is the only all 100% IPTV (Internet Protocol Television) service available through a national service provider, making it one of the most dynamic, feature-rich solutions on the paid TV market. AT&T U-verse has already been honored by J.D. Power and Associates and consistently receives high markings from its rapidly growing customer base. What’s the reasoning behind all the praise you might ask? Exceptional performance and superior picture quality coupled with an impressive roster of channels.

Programming Scope

In March, 2009, AT&T made the announcement that U-verse TV now offers more than 100 HD channels in all UVerse markets throughout the country. The company claims that this exceeds the lineup of HD channels offered by local cable and satellite TV providers in every market where its U-verse TV service is available. Thanks to the recent expansion, customers can now enjoy additional HD programming with channels such as ABC Family HD, Disney XD HD and ESPNews HD among several others.

The addition of new HD programming brings the total number of AT&T U-verse TV channels to more than 350. Standard programming includes channels like Cartoon Network, Spike TV, USA, LifeTime and VH1. Movie lovers are compensated with options such as ShowTime, HBO and Cinemax while sports fans are covered with packages that offer everything from regional games to nationally televised events. The service was also recently upgraded to include more ethnic programming. Some of the channels added to this lineup include ET News, ET Global, Star India Plus, TVBV and MBC America. With Video on Demand services available, AT&T makes sure its U-verse TV service has a little something for everyone.

More HD


In regard to HD programming, ATT Uverse TV has a number of different subscription options. HD programming is automatically included with U450, the most expensive package that starts from $109 per month. This gets you 95 HD channels and 360 channels total in addition to the entire Sports Package. You can add HD programming onto any other package for $10 extra per month. If that isn’t enough high def TV for you, you can get even more exclusive channels with HD Premium for an additional $5 per month. All of AT&T’s U-verse TV packages come included with HD-ready hardware, mainly the Total Home DVR. Similar to TiVo, this receiver allows you to record HD programming from a single DVR and then view it on any TV connected to the system. Unlike TiVo, Total Home DVR gives you the ability to record up to four programs at one time.

Enhancing Your Viewing Options


As you can see, AT&T U-verse pretty much gives you everything offered by cable TV and then some. This is especially true if you are one of the many viewers that has become smitten with HDTV (High Definition TV) programming. When considering how fast service enhancements are being made, the roster of channels will likely be expanded in the very near future. The biggest downside to U-verse is that the service isn’t as widely available as cable. However, that is all changing as AT&T is rapidly deploying the service throughout more markets across the United States. To find out if UVerse has made it to your area, you can visit the site and check availability by filling out a simple form.

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